Low volume bottling and kegging


The Moravek CW400 is an inline carbonator and semi automatic counter pressure bottle filling machine which can also be used for filling kegs.

The CW400 is widely used for small scale, low volume production of carbonated products such as beer, cider, hard cider, sparkling wines and carbonated soft drinks into a wide range of container sizes.

Over 350 CW machines have been supplied worldwide over the past 20 years to a satisfied customer base.

The Moravek CW400 is a simple, compact and reliable machine making it very popular with companies filling carbonated products for the very first time as a step one entry into bottling and/or kegging.

The CW400’s inline gas atomise type carbonator produces a consistent high quality final product. Key benefits of the Moravek inline gas atomise type carbonator are;

  • Smooth product taste and mouth feel – smaller CO2  bubbles that result from efficient gas atomise carbonation gives beer, cider or wines a smooth natural carbonated finish
  • Lower dissolved oxygen DO levels – Product de aeration – reduction in DO (Dissolved Oxygen) content is achieved through gas stripping method, in the carbonating chamber as part of the carbonating process
  • Consistent carbonation levels – set temperature and carbonating pressure ensure consistent carbonation levels are maintained and product cannot be over carbonated
  • Improved filler performance – The Moravek carbonator delivers consistent and stable carbonated product to the counter pressure filler resulting in efficient filler performance.

Moravek’s typical high quality and robust machine construction along with having the carbonator and counter pressure fully integrated as a single unit provides very reliable production performance whether the machine is used one day per week or seven days per week multi shift operation.

The Moravek CW400

Moravek CW400 Carbonator and Filling Machine Features

  • Wide range of bottle capacity sizes from 200ml to 2 litre
  • Bottle size range = height 180mm to 340mm and  Ø140mm maximum diameter.
  • Filling of  glass and PET bottles (when fitted with optional PET neck lift supports)
  • Wide range of keg sizes 5, 20, 30 and 50Litre can be filled with optional attachment
  • Filling of carbonated and still products
  • Inbuilt inline carbonator produces consistent high quality final product
  • Capable of handling a wide range of range of beverages including beer, cider, hard cider, wine, champagne, soft drinks, and mineral water.
  • Integrated carbonator and counter pressure filler on one machine platform allows;
    • Automatic carbonated product transfer from carbonator to the counter pressure filler.
    • Automatic balancing of carbonating pressures and filling counter pressures
  • Carbonating range fully adjustable from 2.0g/L to 8.0g/L CO2 content (1 to 4 volumes).
  • Flexible machine which is simple to operate.
  • Simple to change over bottle sizes
  • Compact floor space footprint, 0.6m x 0.6m x height 2.2m
  • Integral product pump which acts as combined CIP delivery pump for cleaning
  • High quality , robust all stainless steel construction
  • Low cost maintenance and operating requirements.

Additional Options Available

  • Gas flush double pre evacuation option available for beer – pilot plant application.
  • Chilling coil located in carbonating chamber to reduce / hold product temperatures prior to filling..
  • 1 and 0.45 micron sterile filter cartridges & housings for beer and clear ciders.
  • Automatic CIP function – CW400 mono pump model

*We are currently offering a part exchange discount to anyone wishing to upgrade a CW250 machine dating prior to 2000 or with the old style level probes. More information of this offer can be found here*