Customer Comments

What our Moravek customers say about us:

  •  Van Havig – Founder & Brewer Gigantic Brewing Co. Portland Organ USA ; 

We switch the line on in the morning and we switch it off in the evening…it just works perfectly,  you can carbonate half a tank at one CO2 level  for keg and then

   carbonate the other half at a different volume for bottling – its awesome, We only have one complaint…… never  get enough low fills for the brewery staff to take home”

  • Jon Seltin – Head Brewer Hawkers Brewery Melbourne USA

“When deciding on packaging solutions at Hawkers beer the things in the front of our mind were product quality, flexibility, reliability and throughput – the Moravek BC30 Beer Carbonator ticked all these boxes for us.  In line CO2 saturation directly before the filler has some several major benefits for us – we’re able to ensure consistent and repeatable carbonation levels across different brands, eliminate wasteful and time consuming in-tank carbonation, achieve very low DO (thanks to gas stripping), and achieve different carbonation levels in bottles and kegs from a single source tank. We’re even able to move towards a more continues cellar process flow, carbonating inline out of the centrifuge or filter (with a buffer tank), allowing us to save almost a full shift per tank.

Communication between the BC30 and downstream Moravek 18/18/4 tribloc filler means very easy set up for production and CIP, with the automation perfectly regulating both the product supply pressures, saturation pressure, and even filler bowl and keg counterpressures, ensuring excellent filler performance with very little waste.  Sound velocity level switches automatically detect the end of a production run and trigger an automated run-out mode resulting in extremely low product loss (a big plus for craft breweries). CIP processes are extremely well thought out and easy to perform, consume low amounts of CIP fluid and ensure aseptic filling conditions.  

Quality components and instruments (Alfa Laval and Samson valves, Hilge pumps, E&H instruments), coupled with very smart engineering design and few moving parts guarantee reliability, high availability and stability.  Plenty of options can also be bolted on, such as sterile CO2 filtration, online CO2 monitoring and feedback and sterile product filtration”.

  • Roger Jones – Managing Director Bath Ales Bristol England

“The Moravek line has been a great piece of equipment for us and is still going strong after 9 years and 20 million bottles produced, it never lets us down”

  • Craig Lewis – Production Director  Bath Ales Bristol England

“We run the line 5 – 6 days per week and some times on extended 12 to 14 hour shifts in the summer to meet growing demand. The Moravek equipment has proven to be very reliable and robust, which has allowed us to establish an excellent reputation for brewery packaging in the South West of England”

  • Dave Fritz – President & CEO Potosi Brewing Co. Wisconsin USA 

“The Moravek equipment and BC system is simply awesome”

  • Kjetil – Founder & Brewer Nogne-O Brewery Norway

“ The Moravek equipment simply never breaks down” ( even after they submerged it under water for a few days when their brewery flooded it still worked !!!! )

  • Andy Ingram – Founder & Brewer Four Peaks Brewing Co. Phoenix Arizona USA

“ Our 12,000BPH output Moravek BC60 Beer Carbonator + bottling system is simply Magical in terms of production performance , ultra low DO’s and consistent final product qualit day in day outy”

  • Jacob Leonard Director of Brewery Operations Breakside Brewing Co. Portalnd Oregon  – 

“ Awesome. Our carbonation levels have been much more consistent.  It’s a much faster machine than what we have been using, and makes packaging days much shorter.  The service is great, even being in different countries!”

  • Jim Jeffries Founder & Brewer Kannah Creek Brewing Co Colorado USA

“The Moravek has been great super reliable and we have just one complaint… There are never enough low fills for the brewery staff to take home”

  • Chris Wilcock  – Head Brewer 4 Pines Brewery Sydney Australia

“ The Moravek technicians arrived on the Monday, we were in full production by the Wednesday and had put 4,000 cases of finished product in the warehouse by the end of week 1 of commissioning, by any standards that’s an impressive start up!”