Upgrade your CW250 to CW400 Part Exchange Offer

Any customers with CW250 machines manufactured before 2000 or with old style level probes are now eligible for a part exchange offer when ordering a new CW400.

Certain parts of the CW250 are becoming obsolete so unfortunately we are increasingly unable to renovate old machinery.  We have therefore introduced a part exchange discount when existing customers decide to upgrade to our CW400 model.

Why upgrade to a CW400?

  • New style level probes now allow users to produce nitrogenated beers such as stouts.
  • The larger product pump is able to process 400 litres an hour rather than 250 litres giving greater kegging capacity.

Furthermore, the CW400 is fitted with removable pipes which enable it to be coupled with the Moravek BF05 Sterile Filtration Module, allowing our customers to sterile filter beer on demand immediately before carbonating thereby avoiding the necessity to transfer filtered beer into a bright beer tank.  This significantly lowers the risk of contamination as the beer is filtered directly before carbonation and filling. Additionally, by not having to sterile filter prior to bottling or kegging production you also save valuable time.

Further details of the CW400 can be found here.

If your brewing operation has expanded since you purchased a CW250 and you would like to find out more about our higher volume machinery please do not hesitate to contact us to talk about your requirements.

For further information about our part exchange offer or any of our products please contact Phil Quinn on 01427 890 098 or email: [email protected] with the serial number and production year of your machine.