4 Pines Brewery Australia

At Moravek we are incredibly proud to have customers across the globe and we recently had the pleasure of completing the installation of a new BC30 Inline Automatic Carbonator and BF30 Sterile Filtration system as well as a bottling line at 4 Pines Brewery in New South Wales.

Established in 2008 the brewery moved from its Manly microbrewery to a larger site just down the road in Brookvale in 2012. They still produce their small Keller Door range at the brewpub in Manly and over the years have produced hundreds of different styles of, in their own words, “handcrafted beer brewed naturally”.

At 4 Pines they are dedicated to producing beer with no artificial ingredients, flavours, additives, preservatives or fruit juice added. It is brewed to the German purity laws allowing only 4 ingredients: Hops, water, yeast & malt (with perhaps one or two extras on occasion!).

With such an emphasis on natural ingredients and producing beer full of flavour and aroma it was important to them that any machinery they brought in to the production process would only enhance the quality of the beer.

The Chief Brewer at 4 Pines, Chris Willcock, explained why they thought Moravek was the ideal partner when the time came to upgrade their machinery:

“Moravek has a reputation for well-priced and reliable equipment. The unique BC/BF delivery system also offers a great wrapped-up solution for ensuring hygiene, a consistent gas profile, and reliable beer delivery to the filler.”

As with all businesses involved in production and manufacturing it is important that we at Moravek make sure the process of installation and implementation is as smooth as possible so there are no production delays and Chris found this to be the case:

“The factory testing and pre-fabrication of delivery pipework made install a quick process. Once Mike and Ruda arrived for commissioning, we were producing saleable beer by the second day. With only four days of training, the learning curve was steep, but we’ve quickly found a rhythm and improve our efficiency every day.”

Now the new equipment has been in place for a while Chris has told us that they have been very pleased with the results as “In the first month we’re hitting our targets for reliability, run speed, micro and dissolved oxygen and improve each day on start-up and changeover times. We’re very happy with our choice of Moravek”. He continues, “This really is the perfect “mid-sized” craft beer filling system. Mike Moravek has engineered the system with superb attention to detail. This has made it intuitive, easy to use and reliable”.

It’s always nice to hear such positive feedback from our customers and particularly those who take such pride and care in the production of their beer. We are thrilled that we have helped Chris and everyone else at 4 Pines to continue expand and improve their brewery and we’ll leave you with their thoughts:

“4 Pines is first and foremost about enjoyment – beer is a treat. We owe it to ourselves to make that moment of sensory pleasure as good as it can be. Life is too short to drink anything substandard.”

We quite agree and wish them all the best for the future!